Saturday, July 25, 2009

Throwback Joint Of The Day!!! Elise 5000 "Lucky Day"

Written in 2007, "Lucky Day" is considered to be "Elise 5000's" 1st official song as a dedicated artist. She wrote and produced it while sitting on the floor in her bedroom fiddling with her Radio Shack brand keyboard which had a six track sequencer. The entire song was written ironically as she was coming out of a "bad" relationship! The remix version is featuring Talent Couture, Elise 5000's dear friend and DOPE rapper! Enjoy the THROWBACK song of the day from Elise 5000..."Lucky Day"! Who knows, today could be yours;)

Elise 5000 "Lucky Day"

Elise 5000 Featuring Talent Couture "Lucky Day" Piano REMIX

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