Friday, July 10, 2009

Elise 5000 Another Summer Hit?

Feel the Electricity with Elise 5000's "STAR"Usually there is that one summer hit from that one artist that you play over and over all summer. It becomes your summer anthem. Well, Elise 5000 is cranking summer hit after summer hit. She gave you Pretty Bop last month and she is now handing you "STAR"-because everyone thinks they're a star. "STAR" speaks to the masses, whether it's the lyrics you want to let loose to or the electrifying feel of the beat, you definitely can't go wrong on a hot summer day blaring "STAR" down the street with all of your windows down. "STAR" is: swag, aura, glam, snap, pop, wave, and excitement all in one! So if you need a song that will let others know you have swag, or you're glamorous-press play on Elise 5000's "STAR!"


Elise 5000 - STAR

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Elise 5000 - STAR
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Elise 5000 ft. Buddha Monk- Cant Leave U Alone(remix)
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