Monday, July 27, 2009

Download Elise 5000 Featuring Talent Couture "So Over You" (95 Jeep REMIX)

I had to bring it back!!! Our throwback joint of the day! This song dates back to Summer 2008 in actual creation but it's supposed to remind you of summer 1995!! Talent Couture and Elise 5000's first collaboration...It's a classic! Remember though, this is only the REMIX! The original hasn't come out yet because it's SUPER 90's, SUPER DOPE, and SUPER SEXY!!! So be on the lookout for the original "So Over You"! Of course the song was written and produced by Elise 5000 herself and it is a 100% true story! Can you believe a guy actually told her that if she left him, he would find somebody better? Heck naw!!!! Well, of course.... There is no such thing!!!! Just listen to the lyrics!

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