Friday, April 2, 2010

Who is Elise 5000? Elise 5000 Answers Fan Mail

New music artist Elise 5000 answers questions from fans. For more info on Elise 5000 please visit

Elise 5000 Is One Of's Top 10 Artist To Watch In 2010

Bizzom’s Year-End Countdown: Artist To Watch in 2010

Each artist on today’s list brings something different and new to music- for that they deserve recognition. Today, Bizzom brings you a batch of rising talent that have potential to make an impact in the new year.
1.) Canadian beauty Melanie Fiona stepped on the music scene with the sultry and bluesy “Give it To Me Right” . The singer’s vocal prowess is a force to be reckoned with. Melanie’s solid first studio album tackled the never-ending lessons of love and heartbreak. If the singer keeps delivering ballads like her emotionally charged “It Kills Me”- Ms. Fiona will be on “The Bridge” to success in no time.
2.) Bizzom spoke with musical artist Airis back in October. Both very humble and passionate about her craft, this creative songbird has fans hungry for more material. Be on the lookout for the Nigerian songstress, as she releases her first studio album “The Airis Project” next year.
3.) Double Vision is what Hip-Hop needs at the moment. The duo from St. Louis has a sound that embodies both old and new school rap. Whatever experiences life brings them, Double Vision unleashes it in their hard-hitting material. The group consist of twin brothers Johnathan and Jarred. Check out Double Vision’s “Backpacker” , “Persistence” and their newest cut “What a Christmas” via Myspace.
4.) It’s a rarity to come across someone like Rocco Deluca-one you hear his sound you’ll be hooked. Deluca’s soul stirring voice flows so incredibly well Rock & Rock and Contemporary music. The Long Beach native allowed fans into his world with his debut “I Trust You to Kill Me”. Momentarily, Rocco Delucca is hitting the road gaining fans as he goes. His second album “Mercy” in stores now.
5.) Ohio based band The Black Keys consist of members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. Together the two combine the gritty funk of Rock & Rock and the heart of Rhythm & Blues. Without a doubt, The Black Keys are the future of music. The band’s great usage of instruments bring out an sound that’s aggressive and downright ear pleasing.
6.) Atlanta Georgia native Elise 5000 is emerging into one of music’s hottest news acts. An eclectic artist, Elise 5000 love for her music has no boundaries. Elise mixes with genres of Pop, Hip Hop and R&B. “Star” is the epitome of Pop perfection. With its lively instruments, infectious beat and catchy hook-”Star” forever stays in your head.
7.) Inside that tiny little frame lies a big voice. Priscilla Renea, a cutesy and free-spirited 21-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia made a name for herself with”Dollhouse” an Electronica/Pop pleaser. Renea’s storybook-like album Jukebox, packs a punch with charming material, sweet melodies and creative lyrics.
8.) The emotions of both pain and sorrow lie in the voice of Jessica Lea Mayfield. The feelings that she conveys in her songs-you instantly feel the connection with her. To no surprise, the world is already beginning take notice of Jessica’s talents. The 20-year-old songs have been included hit TV series such as Gossip Girl and CSI.
9.) Is the world ready for Theophilus London? Yes. The smooth, easy listening sounds from this Brooklyn rapper couldn’t have come at a better time. With everyone from MTV to Rolling Stone taking notice of talented young musician-the sky is the limit. Mr. Theophilus current disc Humdrum London is available for FREE via Green Label Sounds.
10.) He’s a Electronic/Techno kid at heart. Let the rhythm take its control and vibe to the refreshing Jimmy Edgar. It was at the Electronic scene where Edgar was first discovered. You’ll get so lost in Jimmy’s music, that you forget he’s even singing half the time. And with insanely addictive and trancelike beats this good, that’s not a bad thing at all.
11.) You may remember Bizzom featuring Darling Parade earlier in the year. Darling Parade are a powerhouse Rock/Pop group on the rise. Proving that a hard day’s work is never done, Darling Parade
For More Information about Elise 5000 Visit

Get Elise 5000's Essential Elise 5000 EP TODAY! Now on iTunes

Elise 5000 On StreetVibes92.5 FM Germany!

Elise 5000 On StreetVibes92.5FM

Promo Video! Super Dance Producer Marcus Gauntlett & Elise 5000 "She Can Never"

Dance Music Producer Marcus Gauntlett & Elise 5000 Collaborate Again With This Sexy Tune "She Can Never"


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Who is Elise 5000? Elise 5000 Answers Fan Mail

New music artist Elise 5000 answers questions from fans. For more info on Elise 5000 please visit


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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Elise 5000 & Talent Couture DO IT AGAIN & AGAIN! "Leave The World Behind"


Download the new song by Talent Couture Featuring Elise 5000 #LOOPY

"This dropped out of no where!!! R & B singer ELISE 5000 on the chorus makes the song more beatiful than ever ! Talent Coture doing his thing, no doubt it’s a MUST HAVE ! I’ve been listening and dreaming about this song for two days now. Enjoy this NO TAG/ NO DJ version, we’re first to post it ! Also, trying to put something together to host a new tape with Talent Couture & Elise 5000 packed with all kinds of new music. Make sure to keep an eye on those two artists on DROPTHEVIBE, as they wll make hits and more hits day by day ! Vibe with it !" Link

Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Music Artist Elise 5000, Rihanna & Lil Kim!!! CRAZY Collaboration!!!!!!!!!

New Hot Elise 5000 REMIX Rihanna "Hard" Featuring Elise 5000 & Lil Kim

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New Music Artist Elise 5000 Tops The House Music Scene

LnM Projekt Featuring Elise 5000 Proves to be a SMASH HIT Amongst
Music Lovers Around the Globe!!!


Worldwide DJ’s and producers LnM Projekt are currently hot property in
the dance music scene, but in case you haven’t heard, this is who they
are. Lee Hallett (that’s the L) has been producing quality dance music
for over ten years now. Lee has had a string of different hits and
remixes under various guises including “Superstar” featuring Boy
George, which featured on the Hed Kandi Twisted Disco compilation and
more recently Lee has had a hit on Whore house records (Leeroy “On my
way”). Marcus Gauntlett (that’s the M) has been DJ-ing all over the
world for several years now and is also a quality producer in his own
right. Marcus (aka Ruud Mover) has had a string of releases and
remixes for labels such as Bugeyed Records, Digiprana, Toolbox,
Emotive, and 1980 Recordings to name a few.

LnM Projekt are perhaps best known as the producers of the hit
single, “Everywhere” on Hed Kandi records, LnM Projekt has since been
featured on over thirty compilations with the track reaching a top
twenty spot in no less than ten countries around the world.
“Everywhere” reached number one on both the MTV Dance floor chart and
the Hyperactive club chart, as well as being a top forty entry on the
National Radio charts and hitting the number six spot on the Radio one
dance charts.

Singer, Songwriter, Producer, and Vocal Arranger Elise also known as
"Elise 5000" is a blazing shining star that will soon become a
permanent staple in the music industry. Elise 5000 is a native of
Warner Robins, Ga, She has been written and performing her own music
since early childhood. At the age of 17 years old, Elise inked a
record deal with an independent label, she was able to display her
talents but writing and producing her own music. She would produce her
own beats on a Korg Triton keyboard workstation along with Akai's MPC
2000 XL. That experience ignited her musical career and inspired her
to branch out on her own. As a musical genius honing her craft, she
has developed into a business professional with the advent of her own
label (formed with a partner) entitled "NoFunGirl" Music Group. Elise
is also a well trained dancer, she has trained in ballet, tap, and
jazz. She was a member of the prestigious Bubbling Brown Sugar dance
team at Morris Brown College where she was also a Music Industry

Elise 5000 is a featured artist on LnM Projekt " Watching Me Move".
According to, "the funky house track is perfect for a
late summer night. It's a splash of fresh water and a very catchy

To listen to all the remixes go to
LnM Projekt Featuring Elise "Watching Me Move" is available on

New Music Artist Elise 5000 Has Fans All Over The Globe!!!

Look at this guy dancing to Elise 5000's sultry vocals and LnM Projekt's funky beat!!! Crazy I know!

New Music Artist Elise 5000 Cakewalks Over 4,000 Artists

Elise 5000 Named Cakewalk's "Your Music: Anytime, Anyplace"
Songwriting Contest Winner!!!

Elise 5000 is back again with this smooth, melodic tune that
everyone can relate to. New single, "Your Love Is So...Oh!" by Elise
5000 is hypnotic, harmonic, with sweet melodies which can be described
as a mix of Lady Gaga with Aaliyah. In November 2009, Ourstage and
Cakewalk teamed up for the " Your Music: Anytime, Anyplace"
Songwriting Contest to spotlight the best emerging rock and urban

Over 4,000 artists submitted their best songs, Elise 5000's soulful,
smooth and melodic tune captured the hearts of the online voting
audience. Carl Jacobson, Cakewalk's vice president of marketing
supports the fact that the rankings are powered by fans, on a judging
platform designed to prevent tampering, which is important to Cakewalk
in their commitment to support emerging artists.

Elise 5000 is definitely a musical threat in the music industry she
is credited with being a singer, songwriter, producer, and a vocal
arranger and she is a shining star that will most definitely become a
permanent staple in the music industry.

OurStage is a music discovery destination dedicated to new
artist and new music discovery. On OurStage, artists, fans and
industry professionals all come together to discover, judge, & enjoy
the best new music and the best new artists online as ranked by the
fans using the company's proprietary, game-proof judging engine.
Users are able to discover top-ranked, categorized music without
having to search through thousands of songs. Founded in 2007, OurStage
delivers music and related content to more than 3 million fans in 140
countries each month - and has over 1 million registered users.

Check out Elise 5000 - "Your Love Is So...Oh!"

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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Music Artist Elise 5000 Is Crowned Atlanta's Princess of Pop!

New Music Artist Elise 5000 is back on the scene with this highly anticipated single entitled "Star". This record reflects yet another facet of the personality of ELISE 5000. This song really POPS!!!! Bright and flashy, reminiscent of the 80's and could be compared to a song Outkast's Andre 3000 would do if he were a girl!!!!!!! I guess it's just something about having a "thousand" connected to the name!!!! "Star" is: SWAG, AURA, GLAM, SNAP-CRACKLE-POP, a WAVE of excitement all-in-one!!! It's a feel good record that will mos def lift anyone from a funk! Not to Mention it's a FUNKY tune! "Star" was produced by Elise 5000 herself and written by Brooklyn's own Secret Da Songwriter, who is also the mastermind behind "Everybody Else", "Pretty Bop" and "Say Something" just to name a few. If you are in need of a mental rejuvenation....Elise 5000 and this new hot "Star" is for you!

Elise 5000 - "STAR"

"Think of Elise 5000 as a cross between Rihanna and Outkast. Lots of pop, lots of flash, lots of attitude. Check out her new single "Star!" that was produced by Elise herself and written by Brooklyn songwriter Secret Da Songwriter. It is supercatchy and perfect for pop radio." ---Arjan Writes

5 Out Of 5: "Elise 5000 is an up-coming artist with a broad appeal. The productions are appealing to younger and Gen Xers. This kind of artist does not come around that often. Bravo I think your emergence is what we have been waiting far a long time and is fresh, full of energy and intriguing." -- Yves Wanka

For More Info on Elise 5000 visit

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