Friday, April 2, 2010

Elise 5000 Is One Of's Top 10 Artist To Watch In 2010

Bizzom’s Year-End Countdown: Artist To Watch in 2010

Each artist on today’s list brings something different and new to music- for that they deserve recognition. Today, Bizzom brings you a batch of rising talent that have potential to make an impact in the new year.
1.) Canadian beauty Melanie Fiona stepped on the music scene with the sultry and bluesy “Give it To Me Right” . The singer’s vocal prowess is a force to be reckoned with. Melanie’s solid first studio album tackled the never-ending lessons of love and heartbreak. If the singer keeps delivering ballads like her emotionally charged “It Kills Me”- Ms. Fiona will be on “The Bridge” to success in no time.
2.) Bizzom spoke with musical artist Airis back in October. Both very humble and passionate about her craft, this creative songbird has fans hungry for more material. Be on the lookout for the Nigerian songstress, as she releases her first studio album “The Airis Project” next year.
3.) Double Vision is what Hip-Hop needs at the moment. The duo from St. Louis has a sound that embodies both old and new school rap. Whatever experiences life brings them, Double Vision unleashes it in their hard-hitting material. The group consist of twin brothers Johnathan and Jarred. Check out Double Vision’s “Backpacker” , “Persistence” and their newest cut “What a Christmas” via Myspace.
4.) It’s a rarity to come across someone like Rocco Deluca-one you hear his sound you’ll be hooked. Deluca’s soul stirring voice flows so incredibly well Rock & Rock and Contemporary music. The Long Beach native allowed fans into his world with his debut “I Trust You to Kill Me”. Momentarily, Rocco Delucca is hitting the road gaining fans as he goes. His second album “Mercy” in stores now.
5.) Ohio based band The Black Keys consist of members Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. Together the two combine the gritty funk of Rock & Rock and the heart of Rhythm & Blues. Without a doubt, The Black Keys are the future of music. The band’s great usage of instruments bring out an sound that’s aggressive and downright ear pleasing.
6.) Atlanta Georgia native Elise 5000 is emerging into one of music’s hottest news acts. An eclectic artist, Elise 5000 love for her music has no boundaries. Elise mixes with genres of Pop, Hip Hop and R&B. “Star” is the epitome of Pop perfection. With its lively instruments, infectious beat and catchy hook-”Star” forever stays in your head.
7.) Inside that tiny little frame lies a big voice. Priscilla Renea, a cutesy and free-spirited 21-year-old from Atlanta, Georgia made a name for herself with”Dollhouse” an Electronica/Pop pleaser. Renea’s storybook-like album Jukebox, packs a punch with charming material, sweet melodies and creative lyrics.
8.) The emotions of both pain and sorrow lie in the voice of Jessica Lea Mayfield. The feelings that she conveys in her songs-you instantly feel the connection with her. To no surprise, the world is already beginning take notice of Jessica’s talents. The 20-year-old songs have been included hit TV series such as Gossip Girl and CSI.
9.) Is the world ready for Theophilus London? Yes. The smooth, easy listening sounds from this Brooklyn rapper couldn’t have come at a better time. With everyone from MTV to Rolling Stone taking notice of talented young musician-the sky is the limit. Mr. Theophilus current disc Humdrum London is available for FREE via Green Label Sounds.
10.) He’s a Electronic/Techno kid at heart. Let the rhythm take its control and vibe to the refreshing Jimmy Edgar. It was at the Electronic scene where Edgar was first discovered. You’ll get so lost in Jimmy’s music, that you forget he’s even singing half the time. And with insanely addictive and trancelike beats this good, that’s not a bad thing at all.
11.) You may remember Bizzom featuring Darling Parade earlier in the year. Darling Parade are a powerhouse Rock/Pop group on the rise. Proving that a hard day’s work is never done, Darling Parade
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