Sunday, January 24, 2010

New Music Artist Elise 5000 Cakewalks Over 4,000 Artists

Elise 5000 Named Cakewalk's "Your Music: Anytime, Anyplace"
Songwriting Contest Winner!!!

Elise 5000 is back again with this smooth, melodic tune that
everyone can relate to. New single, "Your Love Is So...Oh!" by Elise
5000 is hypnotic, harmonic, with sweet melodies which can be described
as a mix of Lady Gaga with Aaliyah. In November 2009, Ourstage and
Cakewalk teamed up for the " Your Music: Anytime, Anyplace"
Songwriting Contest to spotlight the best emerging rock and urban

Over 4,000 artists submitted their best songs, Elise 5000's soulful,
smooth and melodic tune captured the hearts of the online voting
audience. Carl Jacobson, Cakewalk's vice president of marketing
supports the fact that the rankings are powered by fans, on a judging
platform designed to prevent tampering, which is important to Cakewalk
in their commitment to support emerging artists.

Elise 5000 is definitely a musical threat in the music industry she
is credited with being a singer, songwriter, producer, and a vocal
arranger and she is a shining star that will most definitely become a
permanent staple in the music industry.

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artist and new music discovery. On OurStage, artists, fans and
industry professionals all come together to discover, judge, & enjoy
the best new music and the best new artists online as ranked by the
fans using the company's proprietary, game-proof judging engine.
Users are able to discover top-ranked, categorized music without
having to search through thousands of songs. Founded in 2007, OurStage
delivers music and related content to more than 3 million fans in 140
countries each month - and has over 1 million registered users.

Check out Elise 5000 - "Your Love Is So...Oh!"

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