Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Sierra Donna Entertainment and DJ Femmie PROUDLY HIGHLIGHTS RECORDING ARTIST MUSIC SENSATION “The Essential ELISE 5000

DJ Femmie conducts the up close and personal interview with Elise. DJ Femmie covers Elise's expanding career, her interests and her rise to fame in the entertainment world.

DJF: Which icon in the music industry inspired you to become a vocalist, lyricist emcee?, Why the entertainment profession?

E 5000: The artist that has inspired me the most is Michael Jackson. He will forever be the King of Pop. He is now a legend and will forever be one of the best talents that the world has ever seen. Timbaland is
also the music producer that has inspired me. When I first heard the beat for Aaliyah's "One in a Million" produced by Timbaland, I knew that I wanted to make beats! It was an instant and natural attraction to the music industry.

I ask almost everyone I interview this question? Who is the greatest influence female and the male counterpart - who are your favorites and why?

E 5000:
This is a hard question to answer because there are so many artists across so many genres that I enjoy listening to. I love the soulful R&B sounds from artists like Erykah Badu, Aaliyah, Al B Sure,
Jodeci, Paramore, Michael Jackson, Coheed and Cambria, Beyonce, Keri Hilson. This list could go on for days and I know I'm leaving many of my favorite artists out- but each one of the artists speak to me
as a musician in a variety of ways.

Elise, You are quite a beauty and have established your own trademark look, Who or “what” has inspired your style? Is it a person that pulls it together for you, for e xample Beyonce's mother helps dress her
and Mary Jworks with the same stylist - who helped you create your look.

E 5000:
Both my style and my look comes from my mom and Michael Jackson. It's weird but I have copied him a lot. On the scene and at photo shoots, my mom helps me with wardrobe styling. I hate shopping,
but Iam glad she's there to help support my dreams.

DJF: What is going on in the music industry that is not helping you move your music forward? E 5000: I have no excuses. The music industry is fine. I have realized it just takes time. Patience and passion is a must for this industry

DJF: What changes are needed going into 2010 that would help artists like yourself get more attention?

E 5000: Realistically, the changes that are necessary for an artist starting out include financial support and a marketing team. Most artists can probably agree that it all starts in-house.

DJF: What are you working on for 2010? What flavor will Elise 5000 bring to the table for 2010?

E 5000: I am focused on producing an even higher quality of material and even better songs for listeners to enjoy. You will see more vocals, more amazing melodies, and an even larger presence. It is important to

constantly come up with fresh, new material. I just want to be more entertaining for my loyal and new fans. In 2010, I'm stepping up everything in all aspects of my music. It's a process and I'm just blessed to be where
I am now.

DJF: Elise 5000 writes and produces all her music including the production and lyrics in the studio. What can we expect next and where can people fans reach out and make a serious music connection to Elise 5000
and the music you produce?

E 5000:
Currently I'm working with Talent Couture -a dope rapper by the way- Secret Da who is a great songwriter, and Smoke from Playa. Again this list could go on, but you will just have to stay tuned to see.
For a sneak peek-I have a song with Notorious B.I.G! I will release the record with him exclusively on blogs.

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